“If I had my way, Vanessa would work on every single one of my projects. She is not only brilliant at what she does as an editor and writer — a master at finding creative solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems, meticulous, angelically patient, and diplomatic  — but a genuine pleasure to work with. She has an innate sense of how to get the best out of people, in every sense, and for her nothing is impossible. You couldn’t wish for a better combination in an editor or writer. Whether she is helping to coax the best out of an author or helping someone who has a great story to tell but no idea of how to tell it find their voice, she never loses sight of what’s important, or her sense of humor. Every publisher and inhouse editor I know breathes a sigh of relief when they know a book has been edited by Vanessa, because they know it will be in wonderful shape. In short, I’d like to book her up for the next decade.”
Fiona Henderson, Head of Non Fiction, HarperCollins Australia

“I just wanted to say again what a magnificent job you did. I’ve been raving to anyone who will listen about how talented you are. You transformed the book, Vanessa. I really don’t know how you did it, but I’m glad there’s someone out there as skilled as you are.”
Sophie Ambrose, Managing Editor, Random House Australia

“Vanessa has all the qualities you wish for in an editor — a keen eye for detail and structure, sensibility, an ear for truth, as well as an ability to communicate constructive criticism clearly. She was a pleasure to work with, and there’s no doubt her editorial suggestions helped make All Good Things a better book.”
Sarah Turnbull, bestselling author

“Vanessa did an outstanding job editing my book, so much so that our relationship is not ending there. I will certainly use her services on my next book. Her advice on chapter and sidebar structure made the book more pleasing to the reader. Twenty-five positive Amazon reviews later, I am so happy that Vanessa helped me get my manuscript to the finish line. She is delightful, smart, and reliable.”
Paul Freiberger, LA Times Book Prize winner and author of When Can You Start?

“Vanessa did a superb job of developing, editing, pulling together, and laying out my words. She found words inside me that I didn’t know were there. Any deficiency is my responsibility; any clarity is hers.”
New York Times best-selling author Tom Connellan

“Vanessa was the first editor I’d ever worked with while writing my first novel, and thank God I was in her capable hands. Every first-time author should be so lucky to have Vanessa in their corner.”
S. J. Hodges, award-winning coauthor of Party Favors

“Vanessa is a heady mixture of talent, joy, and compassion. There is no one I’d rather work on a project with. Her work is exceptional. I can’t tell you how helpful it is having her there behind the scenes to support me. I really don’t think I could do it all without her.”
Dannielle Miller, author and CEO of Enlighten Education

At first, I was extremely impressed with Vanessa’s résumé, knowing that she had worked in the past as a Senior Editor for some of the big publishing houses — but now I know that what was even more important is her attention to detail, her professionalism, and most of all the genuine care that she showed during each stage of the process, all the way up to completion. Through constant communication, Vanessa always put me at ease and met every deadline that we had set. Vanessa continually outperformed all expectations that I could ever hope for. She made me feel special and not just another job that she had to grind out and then move on to the next one. Vanessa got to know me as a person and by doing so was able to keep my work in my own voice and style. She was able to take my words that I had written and somehow transform them into something very special. I couldn’t be happier with the work Vanessa did for me, and I am probably just not speaking for myself — I believe that most people that have had the privilege of working with Vanessa also feel the same.
Steve Repak CFP®, author of Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money

“Vanessa’s ability to interact with the writer and come up with totally creative solutions to writing and editing problems is vastly superior to anybody I have worked with. The reason is simply Vanessa is a superb writer as well as an outstanding editor. My book was my first book. It received a Publishers Weekly review because of her and received a Ben Franklin Award also because of her involvement. Without her skill, the book would simply not have cut it, even though I had it edited before by professionals. Anything I do in the future with the written word will have the lady from Down Under help me. She is as charming and delightful to work with as she is highly skilled at her trade.”
Andrew Boemi, author Michelangelo’s Last Painting, Its Chilling Revelation

“Vanessa has become our copy editor of choice for books large and small. She quickly internalized our idiosyncratic house style and is not daunted by specialized material. Authors are consistently impressed with her attention to detail and care with language—as am I!”
Timothy Mennel, Senior Editor, American Planning Association / Planners Press

“As a new author, I feel very blessed to have had Vanessa bring her editing skills to my upcoming book. She is extremely talented, thorough, meticulous, clear, patient, and exceptional to work with. Her knowledge and experience brought forth the final touches needed to produce a heart-centered and professional manuscript. Vanessa’s patience, skills, support, and willingness to answer my many post-editing questions made this project easeful and joyful, and I am sure more successful.”
Regina Rosenthal, PT, MA, author of The Heart of Healing